Our Ministries


Norland United Methodist

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry is a faith-based membership organization of women within our Church. The members are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other women and advocating on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

Norland United Methodist

Men's Ministry

Mission Statement:
To Help Men Grow In Christ, So Others May Know Christ


Norland United Methodist

Children & Youth Ministry

Children are born with an innate sense of wonder and faith that is real and authentic. As teachers and leaders our role is to provide a foundation of experiences on which children build a life of learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith.

Norland United Methodist

The greeters are the most important people of the church and are the first official representative of Jesus Christ your church and our guests will have contact with.  The attitude the greeters communicates to church members and friends and sets the tone for everything else that happens during the worship service.  A word of encouragement, reassurance or kindness may be the most significant ministry some people receive in their entire church attendance experience.  The greeter is a forerunner for all the other ministries in the congregation.

Norland United Methodist

H.I.M. Dance Ministry

“Let them praise his name in the dance; let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.” – Psalm 149:3

Vision: To involve all persons interested in worshiping through dance.
Mission: Through our dance and in all we do; we do it for the glory of God.  We vow to teach, encourage, & inspire others to worship God through the use of artistic movement.  Through participation in this ministry we seek to bring ourselves closer to God through prayer and fellowship, while creating loving relationships within our ministry.  We are not here to entertain—only to minister to others.