Meet Our 2020 Summer Interns/Volunteers

Brief Descriptions



"Hello! My name is Sasha I attend North Miami Senior High School, and I am an 11th grader. I am an outgoing and dependable person. I am in a program called HOSA with the goal of leading me into the medical field. Later in the future I want to be a Pediatric, PA. This is my first time doing an intership and I'm so glad that I got into Norland United Methodist Church. Everyone here is nice and we have gotten along well. What I can bring to the table is my ideas and working together as a team. I'm really looking forward to come here next year."




"My name is Jade, I attend Turner Tech. I am in the 11th grade, but I will be going into 12th grade coming this fall. I am excited to be a senior! I aspire to be successful and make a change in the community and people's lives. My interest are in the medical and/or the marketing industry. I am an adventurous and optimistic person who is determined to take on any challenge. I believe in God and the purpose and vision he has for me."




"My name is Tiana I am 16 and a dancer. My favorite sport is basketball. When I get older I strive to be an athletic trainer for the NBA. This is my second year as an intern so things are easier now that I got more experience. Last year I worked as a dance teacher and I also taught during bible study. This year my new project is to redesign the dance room into something great. I will be doing this with Jade, Natalie, Matya, Woodhans, and Grace."




"Hi, my name is Grace. I am 16 years old and a senior at Miami Norland Senior Highschool. I am a tennis and flag football player. I am a very creative person when it comes to certain things. My aspiration is to become a peditrician and help kids. I have volunteered before for the Summer program but this is my first year doing the internship. My experience so far has been great as my fellow interns and I have gotten along well. We have completed our task on time when given. During the internship my software skills have improved as well as my communication skills.




"My name is Natalie I am 17 years old, I attend North Miami Senior Highschool Class of 2021. Pink is my favorite color, I am a proud Christain and a proud haitian. I can be a big introvert but I am a very nice person and a sweetheart. I am stiving to be a future pediatric psycologist. My goal is to make sure returning and visiting brothers and sisters feel welcome to the beautiful church as my co-workers and I do our best to help out. Also at the end of my internship, I accomplish those goals and bring bright vibes not only to ourselves but for everyone as well."




"My name is Woodhans I am a upcoming senior that attends Turner Tech. I am currently working as an intern at Norland United Methodist Church. My main job during the internship is to run the Church's website. I always want to complete things as best as I can and I consider myself a hard-worker and very independent. During this internship my goals are to help improve the company as best as I can."




"My name is Archie Mathis, last year I was an intern at Norland United Methodist Church during the summer. I am now volunteering at the same place. I love to do portrait landscape art and I am a photographer striving for success!!"




"Hi my name is Khalil Byars I am going to 9th grade I volunteered to give back to a church and community that has always been there for me.