About Us

Norland United Methodist Church was founded when eight adults met with The Reverend Donald F. Rock, the assigned Pastor to the Norwood Area. (The name was later changed to Norland and is now a part of the City of Miami Gardens). The first worship service was held in the Norland Elementary School cafeteria in a portable building on Easter Sunday, April 10th, 1955.



Official Ground Breaking Ceremony

An acre of land was purchased that summer and official ground breaking ceremonies were held on February 12, 1956. The first unit to be constructed was the little building, which is now the preschool. The members of the church physically built this unit.


Stages of Completion

The second unit, which now houses our offices and library, was completed in the spring of 1958. The Norland United Methodist Church Preschool was organized in 1958, with a vision from officers and members of the church to establish a Kindergarten program.

The third unit, the fellowship hall (Barnes Hall) and rooms above was opened on September 12, 1959 and used for several years as a place of worship.

The present Sanctuary was completed for occupancy in May of 1965 and was consecrated to the glory of God on Sunday, September 26, 1965.


Global Followers

In the late 1970s, the demographics of the Norwood and Norland areas began to change as there was an influx of new residents who migrated from the Caribbean and South and Central America and settled in the area. Our church benefited immediately from this change and in the process became a trendsetter to other churches in the Miami area on how to integrate these new members’ rich heritage in the worship service. As a consequence our congregation grew. We now have members on our rolls from over 17 countries.

2015 - Present

Starting "The Causes" Program

Today as we celebrate 64 years of Christian service in this community, we affirm the calling on the hearts of those who started this journey in 1955. This journey that we are on can be accomplished through Christian Accountability: Personal, Community and Global. We are thankful to God through the Holy Spirit that we have come this far by faith. It is our prayer that generations to come will pick up wherever we leave off with God’s help.

Norland United Methodist Church remains a church family with many cultures but one purpose- to proclaim Jesus Christ in our lives, in our community and (global).

Rev. Margaret Kartwe
Toshinka Robinson